Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cold Weather Policy

Folwell Cold Weather/Recess Policy
The following criteria is used for determining whether or not students are outside for recess:
  • Windchill of 0 degrees or above students will be outside for the normal recess.
  • Windchill of -1 to -9 degrees students will be outside for 10 minutes of recess
  • Windchill of -10 degrees or colder students will be inside for recess.
*School patrol will follow this same policy.  When there is a windchill of -1 to -9, school patrol will be available from 9:00-9:10am and 3:35-3:45pm instead of their normal 8:50 and 3:30 times.  There is no school patrol when wind chills are -10 or colder.

Before school, students will be outside unless the windchill is less than -10.  In the event that the temperature is less than -10, students will enter the building and line up in the gymnasium.

Make sure to have the Winter outerwear prepared for your children and follow the daily forecast so they are prepared to be safe for the conditions we experience in MN.

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