Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Folwell Paraprofessionals

Folwell Paraprofessionals Rock!
In the past, the state has declared a specific week in January as Paraprofessional Week. This year it did not take place. However, our paras at Folwell are too important to not be recognized for their outstanding support they provide to students, staff and parents every day. We are declaring February 19-22 as Folwell Paraprofessional Week. The PTSA and the Staff will be recognizing them throughout the week. I am including a list of these special people below:
Marie Mynderse-Media Center
Jane Hallman-Media Center
Kim Hammer-General
Cindy Hoban-General
Brenda Finseth-General
Mike Porterfield-General
Ann Hennebeck-Special Ed.
Nikki Anglin-Ameri-Corp
Pam Pennington-Special Ed.
Melanie Denton-Kitchen
Kelsey Ackerman-Special Ed.
An individual thank you from a child is special and is incredibly motivating for any adult. Find a time to have your children share some examples of what our paras do on a daily basis and have them share these memories with the paras next week.

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