Monday, July 8, 2013

Folwell Staffing Update 2013-14

I hope everyone is enjoying your summer with the family. We have determined the remaining staffing for the 2013-14 school year. The list below includes all the finalized staffing.
Patricia Carlson – 1.0 Kindergarten
Sophia Hanson - .5 AM Kindergarten + .5 PM Kindergarten at Bamber Valley
Lisa Strain – 1.0 First Grade
Paul Tessmer-Tuck – 3rd Grade LTS until approximately Feb. 15 for Mrs. Fix.
Audrey LeVan – 4th Grade
Terry Gresser – Music
Judy Emmons – Media Center
Kelsey Ackerman – 1:1 Para
Matt Stobaugh - .5 Special Education
Brandon Stanek - Phy. Ed.
Gwen Amstutz - Art

For a complete list of all Folwell staff, along with contact information, please click the link below.
Folwell Staff Directory

At the end of the school year we had not yet filled the .5 Kindergarten and Grade 4 positions.

Sophia Hanson comes to us as a graduate of the Gustavus Adolphus Education Program. Her energy and excitement will be an awesome match for the kindergarten students. She will be teaching AM Kindergarten at Folwell and PM Kindergarten at Bamber Valley. Her classroom will be in what has been the music room.

We have also hired Audrey LeVan as the new 4th grade teacher. Audrey served as the Gifted Services teacher at Folwell for grades 3-5 four years ago. The last three years she has been teaching 5th grade at Franklin Elementary. She already knows many of the Folwell staff and is anxious to begin collaborating daily with Mrs. Larson.

Paul Tessmer-Tuck is going to be serving as the Long-Term Sub for Mrs. Fix's maternity leave. He will begin the school year in her classroom and the position will end on February 15.  

Since we will be having kindergarten using the music room this coming school year, you are probably wondering where music is going to be located. Music is going to be sharing the Art room. They meet on different days so we have developed a plan for setting up the room for Art for two days in a row and then transition it to a music room for the next four days in a row. 

Take care and enjoy your family.

Todd Kieffer

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