Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Extreme Saver Coupon Books

Please join us and help support your children’s education by sharing this year’s fundraiser with friends and family.

You child should have brought home 5 coupon books, title Extreme Saver Coupon Book.  Students selling all 5 books and returning the money to the school by Thursday, October 31 will be in a drawing for a remote control helicopter. The drawing will take place on Friday, November 1.

The profits will be used to fund the many PTSA sponsored activities that make learning fun at Folwell.

Due to the additional fundraisers the past two years in support of the playground addition, the PTSA has determined that this will be the major fundraiser for the school year.

The PTSA has been vital in providing support of technological advances in our classrooms and have now made a commitment to helping support the purchasing of leveled books for students, a critical need for students to continue expanding their reading abilities.

Once your child has sold the initial 5 and would be able to sell additional books then feel free to stop in to the Folwell Office and Charlotte will be able to check them out to you.

The books are the property of Folwell Elementary PTSA and must be returned to school if not sold. Please return all money and unsold books on or before November 5th. Prizes will be awarded to the students selling the most coupon books.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of Folwell Elementary.

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