Friday, December 5, 2014

Drop-In Science

Dear Parents,
The Folwell Elementary Science Fair may seem far away (February 26th), but we know supporting our children to create a hands-on science experience can take some thinking, planning, and time.
The PTSA acknowledges the difficulty in working alone on science projects, without the exchange of ideas. We want to help motivate students and parents to have a positive learning experience and fun with science! Siblings may work together on the same project, and both will present at each of their grade levels.

Therefore, Drop-In Science Sessions will be available during lunch to assist students with their projects. Parent volunteers will be available during these times to brainstorm ideas, clarify main question, help design the process, and analyze results. Sorry, the actual experiment / data collection has to be done outside of these designated times.
Drop-In Science Sessions (Library, 11:30-1:30)
Friday December 12th
Friday January 9th
Friday February 6th
February 26th Folwell’s Science Fair
Don’t get caught off-guard this year. Start your fun science project now!

Here are some more science links (in addition to the ones provided in the orange flyer). – type in science projects or experiments

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