Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't Forget: Wellness Night Friday!

Folwell family wellness night on Friday January 17 from 6-8 pm will be a blast!  Here is more information on what activities we will have at family wellness night.

Have you heard about Destination Imagination?   Here is your chance!  There will be an activity for kids as well an information about it for you.  We are trying to put a group together from Folwell.   I am purposefully being vague about this.  I don't have sufficient words to describe what it really encompasses!  Just come--meet the representative and see if your child wants to join. 
Kelly the dietitian from HyVee will also be present.  She will show families how to use the NuVal system.  She will have an activity-- sorting foods according to the NuVal system from the lowest to the highest.  

Of course, we will have some of the popular stations from last year like Nintendo wii fit.  I admit, it's not something that excites me, but I know that there are some kids who really enjoy this, and that's okay.  We all have different ways of getting activity.  

For those kids who really love a challenge (or maybe breaking the no running in school rule) we are bringing back the Stair Step Challenge.  Basically, kids take a timer from the bottom of the stairs, climb up and down a set route and time themselves doing it.  They can race themselves again and again.  Or maybe they will challenge you to a race?  I wonder who is faster?

Another popular area is our building station.  I will have dixie cups and Citiblocs (these are thin 4 by in inch planks) for kids to build whatever they want.  I am also going to add some dominoes to this area this year.  Do you remember building a line of dominoes when you were a kid and then knocking the 1st one down and watching the others get knocked down?  Have your kids ever tried it?  This could be fun (or frustrating, if you accidentally knock it down before you are ready)!  

Lastly, for those who want more of a mental challenge we have a games and brainteaser area.  I will have games like mastermind, perplexus, Lonpos pyramid, Rush hour and several other games by Think Fun. There will also be a set of speed stacks.  Have you ever tried speed stacking?  These are cups that you build and take down in a certain way.  It builds hand-eye coordination, promotes academic learning and self-esteem.  There are even tournaments and competitions for speed stacks.  The speed stack record is less than 6 seconds.  I can do it in about 20 seconds.  How about you?  Look on youtube for some incredible examples of speed stacking.

Be well at Folwell!