Tuesday, January 21, 2014

K-12 Book List

Your child has been introduced to a new reading program from the American Reading Company this year.  This program is often referred to at Folwell as the 100 Book Challenge or IRLA (Independent Reading Level Assessment) time.  

Teachers all over the district have worked to identify each child's reading level, represented by a color.  These colors, though not perfect, give an idea of each individual child's independent reading level.

By clicking below you will be taken to a PDF file that includes around 20 books at each color level, kindergarten through 12th grade.  This resource may be helpful for you while identifying books that would be a good fit for your child.

American Reading Company Book List

Start the Day Off Right

Everyone knows that breakfast starts the day out right—but can breakfast actually help children and teens learn better? Early evidence says YES! Hunger, even the short-term hunger that may be experienced if breakfast is missed, can decrease the attention span and ability to concentrate. Students who eat breakfast perform better academically and are more alert and willing to learn than those who miss breakfast. Eating breakfast also reduces behavioral problems, absenteeism, and visits to the school nurse office. Without this important meal, it is hard for students to eat enough throughout the day to obtain the nutrients they need to grow, learn, play, and stay healthy. Remember, children and teens learn from what they see-enjoy a healthy breakfast together!

-Olmsted County Public Health