Thursday, May 1, 2014

School Carnival Trolley Routes

To alleviate parking congestion at school, Folwell PTSA has planned a fun way to get to the carnival. Take a trolley!  There will be 2 trolley routes.  Please see schedules below for pick up and drop off times to and from Folwell School.  There is no cost to ride the trolley. 

Folwell Drive Trolley – West of Hwy 52 – 5:00pm to 8:40pm
Route: 6th St SW to Folwell Dr. SW, left on Walden Lane, right on 18th Ave SW, right onto 11th street SW which turns into 21st Ave SW, right on Folwell Dr. SW, back to school. Stops will be anywhere along that route. Wait on the sidewalk, wave to the driver as he gets near.

Pickup Times on Route: Every 20 minutes

Departure Times from Folwell: Every 20 minutes

Edison Building Trolley – East of Hwy 52 – 5:00pm to 8:45pm
Pickup Times at Edison: Every 15 minutes

Departure Times from Folwell: Every 15 minutes


Silent Auction Item Preview

The Folwell Carnival is coming up fast!  Friday, May 9th is almost here!  Are you ready to bid on some great items in the silent auction?  Today we are highlighting some of the great books, magazines and learning items available.  

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
Signed by Dinah Bucholz
Value of book without signature, $19.95
Are you a fan of Harry Potter?  Then you have got to have this hardcover cookbook.  It contains over 150 recipes and lists exactly where they come from in the series.  There are recipes for treacle fudge, jam tarts and bangers and mash just to name a few.  This book was kindly donated by the author.  If you are not the high bidder of the book, you can buy it on Amazon where it is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Gordon Korman signed book , The Hypnotists
Value of book $16.99, signed Mesmerizingly yours—Gordon Korman
 Calling all book lovers!  This is one of Gordon Korman’s latest books about an ordinary kid with extraordinary powers.  He has also written some of the books in the 39 Clues, as well as the Swindle Series just to name a few!  His books are always highly rated on Amazon.  Thanks Gordon for taking the time to sign and send a book! 

Robert Munsch signed book, 50 Below Zero
Retail value of book without signature, $6.95
Robert Munsch is a much beloved author in my house.  The kids really enjoy his funny and outrageous stories.  One of the classic books he has written is “Love You Forever” and “Paper Bag Princess.”  If you have never read one of his books, here is a great chance to get one.

Tomie dePaola signed books
Hey Diddle Diddle & other Mother Goose Rhymes
Guess Who’s Coming to Santa’s for Dinner?
Estimated retail value of books without signature, $5.95 each
Tomie dePaola is a well-known children’s author and has written many books including Strega Nona, The Knight and the Dragon and Pancakes for Breakfast just to name a few.  These signed books would make a wonderful keepsake for your family.

Signed 8x10 print, "Friends" by Eric Carle

Are you a fan of Eric Carle?  Then you have got to bid on this "cute" picture.

Zoobooks, one year magazine subscription
Value $29.95
This looks like a great magazine for kids interested in wildlife.  What you are bidding on is a code for a free one-year subscription redeemable on their website. There are 3 magazines to choose from:  Zoobies for ages 0-3, Zootles for ages 3-6 and Zoobooks for ages 6 and up.  Look at their website for more information,

2 certificates for downloadable products at Critical Thinking Company, either software or eBooks
Value varies depending on what you choose
Are you looking for summer enrichment activities?  Look no further.  The Critical Thinking Company has great products.  I have bought math books from them before—and the level of moaning and groaning from my kids was extreme, a sure sign that these were good books!  Seriously though, these books are more than just “activity review” books.  Check out what they have at  We will also have several catalogs at the silent auction for you to browse or take. This is a Folwell mom approved product.  You won’t be sorry!

Highlight Magazine
This magazine has generously donated 2, 1-year subscriptions, plus $10 cash coupons to be used on their website.  In addition there are also 6 copies of Highlight magazines with activities to keep your kids busy throughout the summer.  Look at their website for more information.

7-inch tablet PC with Android Operating System
Donated by LearningRX
Value of $110

Our very own LearningRX of Rochester has generously donated this tablet.  In addition, they will have a have a table at our carnival, so you will have a chance to learn more about them.  I did visit with them because I was not familiar with their services, and came away very impressed with what they have to offer. This is what they say, "LearningRx of Rochester has worked with nearly 400 clients ages 5-95 since opening in 2010.  LearningRx brain training takes advantage of neuroplasticity by engaging a clients in specially designed exercises to promote rapid strengthening and growth of neuronal connections.  Cognitive abilities--such as memory, attention, sensory processing, and reasoning—can be increased with proper training. This, in turn, increases immediate and future brain function, which produces more accurate recall, quicker processing, and easier learning and engagement with the world."  

More auction highlights to come……

If you have any questions regarding the carnival, please contact me, Betty Kennel at

May Public Health Newsletter

Lots of good sunscreens are available for kids, including formulations for sensitive skin, brands with fun scents like watermelon, long-lasting waterproof and sweat-proof versions, and easy-application varieties in spray bottles.
What matters most in a sunscreen is the degree of protection from UV rays it provides.  When faced with the overwhelming sea of sunscreen choices at drugstores, concentrate on the SPF (sun protection factor) numbers on the labels.
For kids age 6 months and older, select SPF of 30 or higher to prevent both sunburn and tanning.  Choose a sunscreen that states on the label that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays (referred to as "broad-spectrum" sunscreen).  In general, sunscreens provide better protections against UVB rays than UVA rays, making signs of skin aging a risk even with consistent use of sunscreen.
For sunscreen to do its job, it must be applied correctly.  Be sure to:
·         Apply sunscreen whenever kids will be in the sun.
·         Apply sunscreen about 15 to 30 minutes before kids go outside so that a good layer of protection can form.  Don't forget about lips, hands, ears, feet, shoulders, and behind the neck.  Lift up bathing suit straps and apply sunscreen underneath them (in case the straps shift as a child moves).
·         Don't try to stretch out a bottle of sunscreen; apply it generously.
·         Reapply sunscreen often, approximately every 2 hours, as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology.  Reapply after a child has been sweating or swimming.

·         Apply a waterproof sunscreen if kids will be around water or swimming.  Water reflects and intensifies the sun's rays, so kids need protection that lasts. Waterproof sunscreens may last up to 80 minutes in the water, and some are also sweat- and rub-proof. But regardless of the waterproof label, be sure to reapply sunscreen when kids come out of the water.

~Olmsted County Public Health