Monday, April 27, 2015

Folwell Carnival Update!

Folwell Carnival, Friday May 8
5:30 to 8 pm

Folwell School’s silent auction will be located in the gym. Get your bidding
number there. Silent auction will end at approximately 7:30 pm. Preferred method
of payment—cash or check; although we also take credit cards.

We’ve received generous donations from businesses. During these next 2
weeks these items will be highlighted. And, they are still coming in!
All proceeds go toward supporting Folwell School, so have fun and bid high!

Foodtastic Donations
Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery—Winemaker’s Tour for 4-8 people
Bread Baker—3 certificates for 1 pound loaves
Mango Thai—6, $50 gift cards
Toppers Pizza—3 gift certificates for any large pizza or triple topperstix
Denny’s—$20 gift certificate
Great Harvest Bread Company—2, $10 gift certificates and a $5 gift certificate
Hubbell House—$25 gift card
People’s Food Co-op—basket of food (chocolate pretzels, strawberry biscuits, fig
almond spread and 2 fruit and nut bars)
Hu Hot Mongolian Grill—$10 gift card
Inta Juice—2, $10 gift cards
Grand Rounds—$50 gift card
Catering by Design Pantry—5, $10 gift certificates
Flappdoodles—3, 10 gift cards

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Folwell SACC

Did you catch this Tweet from @folwellfalcons on Twitter?  If you don't already, start following Folwell on Twitter today!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Lots of good sunscreens are available for kids, including formulations for sensitive skin, brands with fun scents like watermelon, long-lasting waterproof and sweat-proof versions, and easy-application varieties in spray bottles.
What matters most in a sunscreen is the degree of protection from UV rays it provides.  When faced with the overwhelming sea of sunscreen choices at drugstores, concentrate on the SPF (sun protection factor) numbers on the labels.
For kids age 6 months and older, select an SPF of 30 or higher to prevent both sunburn and tanning. Choose a sunscreen that states on the label that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays (referred to as "broad-spectrum" sunscreen).   In general, sunscreens provide better protections against UVB rays than UVA rays, making signs of skin aging a risk even with consistent use of sunscreen. 

For sunscreen to do its job, it must be applied correctly.   Be sure to:
Apply sunscreen whenever kids will be in the sun.
Apply sunscreen about 15 to 30 minutes before kids go outside so that a good layer of protection can form.  Don't forget about lips, hands, ears, feet, shoulders and behind the neck.  Lift up bathing suit straps and apply sunscreen underneath them (in case the straps shift as a child moves).
Don't try to stretch out a bottle of sunscreen; apply it generously.
Reapply sunscreen often, approximately every 2 hours, as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology.  Reapply after a child has been sweating or swimming.
Apply a waterproof sunscreen if kids will be around water or swimming.  Water reflects and intensifies the sun's rays, so kids need protection that lasts.  Waterproof sunscreens may last up to 80 minutes in the water, and some are also sweat- and rub-proof; but regardless of the waterproof label, be sure to reapply sunscreen when kids come out of the water.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Silent Auction Baskets

Has your child shared this information with you yet? 

We are collecting raffle basket donations for the Folwell Spring Carnival (Fri, May 8).  If 8 items are collected from your classroom, your whole class wins a popcorn party.  How easy is that?!  

Please bring in items and give to your teacher between Monday, April 13 and Friday, April 17. 

Those classrooms that have met the 8 item goal will have their party on Wed., April 22nd.

What should I bring?

*New items only

*Items don't need to be expensive

*Bring in things that you/other kids would like to see in the raffle baskets

*Age appropriate for grade school (please no items for preschool or younger)

Grade Level basket themes:  
Kindergarteners Now This is Fun!
1st graders             School’s Out!
2nd graders Girls Just Want to Have Fun
3rd graders Boys Only
4th graders Sportsmania
5th graders I Want That!

Here are some ideas of items you can donate: water balloons, Jiffy-pop popcorn, outdoor summer toys (bubbles, chalk, kite, etc), fuzzy socks, favorite snacks or treats, craft kits, bracelet making bands/kit, stuffed animals, nail polish, hair accessories, paints, Legos, wrist bands, stop watch, popular themes (Frozen, Lego Movie, Star Wars, superheroes, Skylander), mini notebooks or journals, board/card/travel sized games, magnifying glass, bug boxes, art paper, sports trading cards, glow in the dark stars, tattoos, fun stickers/sticker books, fuzzy blanket, small science kit, popular books or activity books, Sculpey clay, inexpensive DVDs, gift cards, butterfly net, small figures, Rubiks cube, ear buds, balls, backpack charms, Wiki stix, bike bell, jump rope, Mad Libs, Twins or Vikings anything, and the list goes on!!!

Thanks for helping to make the carnival a success!!

Share Your Skills with Folwell!

We will be holding a Silent Auction again this year at the Folwell Carnival, and we want YOU to be a part of it! If you have a special gift, hobby or talent that you want to share, please think about donating your time, skill or items to the Silent Auction. For more information contact Betty Kennel, or Marie Lindloff,

Some examples of possible donations are ~
a guided fishing trip to an area lake

a guided bird-watching tour in an area park

a decorated cake or pie for a special occasion

a knit hat or scarf

a 1-hour sports lesson (golf, tennis)

a guided boat/kayak/canoe ride

a 1-hour garden consult

a photography session

a private yoga session

group cooking classes

Thanks for your consideration – these items are very popular every year!

April 14th, PTSA Meeting Agenda

Please click below to view the meeting agenda for Tuesday's PTSA meeting.  The meeting will take place at 6:30 in the Folwell media center.

Tuesday, April 14th Agenda

March 12th, PTSA Meeting Minutes

View the Thursday, March 12th, PTSA meeting minutes by clicking below.

March 12th PTSA Minutes

Spring Running Club is Here!

Running Club begins Monday, April 20st until Friday, May 22rd .

We meet everyday before school at 8:45 to run or walk laps.  6 laps around the playground equals one mile.  In the case of wet or muddy conditions we will run around the block across from Folwell meeting on the corner of 7th Street and 15th Ave. 

All students are invited to participate in Spring Running Club.  For those who are interested in training for the Med-City Kids Marathon, information, registration and mile tracking forms can be found at  (click on Kids Events).   Participation in the Med City Kids Marathon is NOT required.  We encourage every student to join us before school to run or walk as much or as little as you’d like.

There will be 5$ gift card drawings everyday and 25$ gift card drawing every week for those students who come to Running Club every day of the week. 

Please drop students off in front of the school and have them walk around the corner and enter the playground on the North/6th Street Side.  Students entering through the parking lot must be accompanied by an adult.

Remember to wear running shoes.  No open toed shoes will be allowed.  

There will be no running club if inclement weather. 

Volunteers will be needed to ensure a smooth and safe running club.  Please consider signing up to help keep track of miles and supervise students.   Volunteer sign up is through VolunteerSpot

All students must return the bright green registration form.  Extra forms can be found in the cabinet in front of the main office. 

Please contact Sarah Lichty ( if you have any questions.  

4-5 Music Program Telecast

The Folwell 4th and 5th grade music performance is now airing on RITS.  This school district television station is only available on Charter Digital (channel 189).

The program will air daily at 10:30AM and 5:00PM through Saturday, April 18th.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Walking School Bus

It's back & we're excited about it! Walking School Bus will be getting started at Folwell in a couple weeks. Follow the link for more info.

Walking School Bus Sign-Up

Looking for Bike Helmets!

Bike helmets needed! The Folwell Carnival is looking for about 5-6 bike helmets of various sizes to use at the carnival this year. If you have any that you have outgrown & are willing to part with, please bring to the main office & drop them off for Betty Kennel. 
Thank you!

Looking for Your Help!

Do you have experience using desktop publishing software?  Do you want to contribute to Folwell in a creative way while still in your pajamas?  Then helping out with Falcon Tales might be the job for you.  Falcon Tales is the wonderful publication that we publish for each year featuring our students’ writings and artwork.  We are looking for someone who can take over the formatting of all of the kids’ good work.  It really helps if you have a program at home like Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher or Quark.  The work usually takes place over a week or two in late April.  We are looking for someone now so our new person can shadow our current volunteer for a year or two. Please email Tracy Auger ( with any questions or if you are interested in helping this publication continue on.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Science Summary

On February 26th, Folwell held it’s annual science fair. The science fair is organized like this: Students make displays and bring them to school. Volunteers ask them questions about their project and write their answers. Then the entire school gets to look at all of
the various displays.  The science fair helps students by entertaining them at home, giving them reasons to like science, and helping them learn new information about the world. 

At home students come up with a question and use science to answer it. They put their question, hypothesis, processes, and conclusion on their board. Then they get to use their artistic abilities to decorate their board. Every year parent volunteers organize the science fair. This year Mrs. Shafiq volunteered. That is how the science fair went this year. 

Kindergarten through fifth grade participated in this year’s science fair. Each grade had traditional projects and projects that no one has ever come up with before! 

“It was really fun to see all the different projects people could come up with,” quoted a participant.  This year we had around sixty different projects enter the science fair. Last year we had over one hundred! There were fewer participants, but the display boards were easier to see and interact with. 

One parent volunteer suggested, “Quality, and not quantity, is what I like to see.”

Overall the science fair was a huge success! Thanks so much to all the participants, parents who helped with their child’s project, volunteers, and the school for supporting science. We couldn't have done it without you. It is a very inspiring experience for both participants and viewers. 

Remember, it is not too early to start a project for next year!

By: Amara G.  (5th Grade)

Monday, April 6, 2015

All Pro Dads

Meeting this Friday.  A few dads will be presenting about their professions and kids will have an opportunity to participate.  Hope to see you all there and please spread the word.  

Enjoy the day!

IBM Volunteers Needed!

Each year IBM provides an excellent opportunity for their employees to volunteer and submit those hours towards a public entity to apply for annual grants. Last year was the first year we were not able to apply for the grants due to limited volunteer hours applied to Folwell Elementary. It was also the first year the PTSA was not able to apply. These grants are incredibly important to a school like Folwell. These funds have been used to purchase smart boards, projectors, document cameras and iPads in the past. Currently, we are experiencing costs for maintaining our technological instructional tools. Funding from these grants is an excellent opportunity for Folwell to maintain these tools.

What I am hoping to accomplish from this email is to create a list of current and retired IBM employees to contact in hopes of their assistance. Tim Buchholtz, Folwell parent and IBM employee, has generously volunteered his time to serve as a lead in completing this process and ultimately submitting the grant in September. If any of you are currently employed by IBM, or if you have aunts, uncles or grandparents who retired from IBM, please reply to this email with names and email addresses. Either Tim or I will make a contact with all names we receive to explain the program and how they can support Folwell.

Thank you for your time and everything you do to support Folwell students and staff.