Monday, November 9, 2015

Give to the Max

GiveMN launched its “Give to the Max Day” over 7 years ago, a 24-hour day of giving intending to rally and inspire citizens to donate to charities.  Last year, Minnesotans broke a record, donating more than $18 million to schools and non-profits.  First prize this year for schools and non-profits is a chance to win $10,000!

Give to the Max Day is an opportunity to support the Folwell PTSA, specifically the current book needs of your children.  Your charitable contribution would help purchase 28 leveled book bins for our students.

Some book bin facts:  
*Our children’s books are leveled by color and organized in bins for easy accessibility for both student and teacher.
*Book bins contain a variety of fiction and informational texts to keep a reader engaged and excited about reading.  
*A book bin costs $240.

Currently, Folwell has a sufficient number of yellow and green book bins.  However, what about our red and blue readers?  What about orange, purple, and bronze?  We are lacking book bins for those children.  With an adequate number of texts in each reading level, every child will be given the opportunity to successfully grow their literacy skills.

Please consider making a donation on November 12 to the Folwell PTSA.

Go to, click on “donate,” and search for Folwell PTSA (please do not select Folwell School as this is an inactive group on the site).   Then make your donation!

Together, we hope to raise more than $6000 for books for the Folwell students. 
YOU can help us reach our goal!

Thank you,
Folwell PTSA

*Give to the Max Day is Thursday, November 12.  However, you can participate in advance and gifts made prior to the event will be transacted on November 12.  The advantage to early participation is avoiding potential Internet problems (so many non-profits and so many caring supporters can lead to slow processing on the Give to the Max site).  

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