Sunday, November 20, 2016

Christmas Anonymous in

Elementary Schools

Dear Students / Parents

Christmas Anonymous is asking for your help again this year in gathering items to help make many children happier and healthier. These items are to be brought to school by Monday, November 28th.

Students can leave their items in the front hallway near Door #1.  The items will be picked up by truck on Tuesday, November 29th.

The items you may bring from home with your parents’ permission are:

 Cans of food – (no glass jars) Huge Need Area This Year!!!

 Snow boots in good condition

 Skates in good condition

 Games which have all the parts

 Toys that are usable

 Books in good condition

 Warm winter coats, jackets and snow pants (new and used)

 (These are the only clothing items we can accept).

 Christmas wrapping paper

Who will receive these gifts???
Many families in Rochester have needs due to many reasons. These families need our help. Your gift will help someone understand that you care for him or her.

Thank you for making others happy through your joy of giving.

This informational note is for both students and parents. Together you may decide what you will bring to school for this special holiday collection.

Parents: If you wish to donate money, please send to: P.O. Box 79, Rochester, MN 55903

Dennis Greseth, Kris Davidson, Jeff Block

Christmas Anonymous in Elementary Schools

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