Friday, December 2, 2016

Folwell Traffic Plan Review

Thinking about some upcoming snow, please take time to review the Folwell Traffic Plan by reading this blog and watching the accompanying video:

At FOLWELL, our mantra is "TOGETHER WE WILL."  This applies to our traffic plan because "TOGETHER WE WILL KEEP STUDENTS SAFE."

Please follow the guidelines in the plan:
*Queue up on 14th Ave, heading south, move around the corner and remain in your cars.  Load and unload quickly.  Children wait on the west half of the block, with school staff as supervisors.  Please pull down the hill as far as possible and keep the line moving. Turn left on to 15th and take that all the way through, as the one way has changed directions. 
*We consider drop off and pick up on the corner of sixth street and 15th Avenue to be dangerous because it adds traffic and pedestrians to an already busy corner.  Use "Load and Go" instead.
*There is no parking for the first 100 feet on 15th Avenue.  Folks are parking there, and often times are parked facing the wrong direction. With the snow, that street will narrow.
*At the corner of 7th Street and 14th Avenue, turn right.  For safety, there should be no left turns during that busy time of arrival and dismissal.

Also, at Folwell we S.O.A.R.:
*S is for safety, and we need to work together, during a busy time, to keep students safe.
*O is for Own your Behavior - please follow the plan and be responsible
*A is for Always Learning - we are always looking to improve our practice...let me know if you have any ideas!
*R is for Respect - please refrain from horn honking, rude gestures and yelling - our students are watching!