Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year, Folwell Families!


As some of you may recall, the science fair usually happens sometime in February.  This year, Mrs. Moritz is expanding the program to include all questioning and talent, and has introduced a new exploration program called “Identity Day.”


“Identity Day” an exciting six-week inquiry project to discover what each of us is passionate about.  This project culminates innovation and imagination through art, design, science, technology, engineering and mathematics while enhancing school culture, community and student engagement.


Students will explore the question, “What is one thing about you that you would really love to share about yourself?” Each child will challenged to discover his/her passion and create a display for presentation.  Students will be asked to think of different ways they can share this with others, and displays may include technology, artifacts, images, and written contributions.  The sky is the limit!


Identity Day is intended to broaden the concept of “inquiry,” and celebrate the process of exploration.  For those who are participating in the GATEway Science fair, or who would like to do a traditional science fair presentation, judging will be optional and available.  


This project will culminate in an Identity Day celebration on Thursday evening, February 16, with students displaying their passion.    Families are invited to attend this special day. 


Your child’s teacher will communicate more with you about the specifics of how each class will be approaching Identity Day.  To make Identity Day successful, we will need parent Lead Volunteer(s) for each classroom.  As a Lead Volunteer, your job description  may vary, depeding on the needs of your particular classroom.  In general, Lead Volunteers will be asked to be available to help the classroom teacher about once per week, over the 6 week planning period.  

To sign up as a Lead Volunteer, please email your classroom teacher, or feel free to let me know at  If you know of a grandparent, good friend, etc, who might be a great fit, please don’t hesitate to share this inspiring volunteer opportunity!

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