Wednesday, April 24, 2019

PTSA Newsletter 4.22.19

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Placement of students for the 2019-20 School Year

The placement of students into classrooms is an important process.  It is the belief of the Rochester School District and the Folwell Professional Learning Community that children receive the most benefit from their educational experience within a balanced setting representative of the greater community in which they live.  Placement teams, consisting of classroom teachers, administrators and other appropriate staff members, make placements that will maximize the intellectual, psychological and social development of each child and of classroom groups.

We believe our professional staff members are most familiar with each child in the classroom setting and are in the best position to recommend individual student/teacher placements. By using the following practices, Folwell staff seek to consider individual needs of the student, provide balanced classrooms, and insure all our children are being given equal consideration in the placement process.

A placement team, considers each child’s educational needs, as well as psychological and social needs.  The number of children, such as boys and girls by teacher, as well as the representation of total community in each class are considered when building class communities.   The team will make a recommendation as to the placement of each child, within a given grade level, for the subsequent school year.  The placement teams will consist of the sending and receiving classroom teachers and may include administration and other professional staff. ‘

If you feel there are specific individual needs and would like this information taken into consideration when making classroom placements,  please contact the office manager to request a meeting with Wendy J. Moritz, building principal before May 4, 2019.  

Placement of your child will be done through a caring and professional process and shared next fall.

Thank you! 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Basketball Game this Thursday!

Everyone is invited to this exciting event at Mayo High School.  With over 25 Folwell staff members and all of our fifth graders participating, chances are you will see someone you know!

To help build excitement for the big event we will be allowing students to make signs during lunch over the next three days.  Please send your child with $0.25 if he or she would like to make a sign to wave at the game!

Thank you so much for supporting your fifth graders and their overnight field trip to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center in May.  We wouldn't be able to provide this opportunity without your support!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Math & Science Fun Night - Updated

PTSA Newsletter 4.8.19

We appreciate the volunteers who have signed up to help out at some upcoming events! If you're able to help we still have many opportunities open. If you have any questions about these opportunities please email us, we would be happy to give you more information. Thank you for helping to make these events a success! 

5th Grade Basketball Game: All families are invited to come out and cheer on our 5th Graders & Folwell staff during the 5th Grade Basketball game on Thursday April 18th at Mayo HS! Please consider helping to volunteer during the event. We have a lot of 5th Grade families volunteering, but we also have had such great support in the past from families of other grades so parents can watch their 5th graders during the game. Sign up online!

Used Book Sale: A Used book sale will be held at the end of April at Folwell. Proceeds go to help fund the 5th Graders field trip to Eagle Bluff in May. Sign up online!

Carnival: We're looking forward to this years Carnival! We have many opportunities, please consider helping out during on of the shifts. Sign up online!

Bananas: The school has a few more testing dates on the calendar. You can view dates and the number of banana's needed on the sign up. Receipts can be turned in to the PTSA for reimbursement. Sign up online! 

Original Works
Students have been working on some amazing artwork with Mrs. Quick for Original Works! Artwork and order forms will be coming home this week and due back on Monday April 15th! Check folders on Thursday night.

Scrip Gift Card Orders
Scrip Gift Card order forms went home with students on Thursday. The 5th Graders receive a percentage back (specific amounts are noted on the order form) on each purchase. These funds go to help support their year end field trip to Eagle Bluff! Orders are due Friday April 12th, and can be picked up on April 22nd or 23rd.

PTSA Meeting
Save the date for our April PTSA Meeting for all families on Monday April 15th at 7PM. SACC will be available for childcare. We will accept self nominations for new PTSA board members and vote in a new board at the meeting. If you're interested please email us at for more information!

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Programs and activities would not be possible without the help of our Folwell community. View current one-time volunteer opportunities or email us for a list of programs currently seeking volunteers! 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Seeking volunteers

There are LOTS of fun 
things happening at 
this spring! 

We are looking for volunteers!

Could you take a look and would you be willing to help us out?