Sunday, March 22, 2020

Resources during this difficult time!

Dear Folwell families - This is a difficult time for our Folwell families. In an effort to help families who may be in need of information on local food resources (both food items and prepared meals), below is information on two categories of food resources: general community food resources and RPS food resources. Please note that there may be changes to these resources (i.e. a new resource may be added, a current resource may cease to be offered). I encourage you to go online to verify information.

1.       Families looking for local food resources can visit Channel One Food Bank’s Covid-19 Response webpage for information on where you and your student can access food (both food items and prepared meals). It includes up-to-date links/information on:

·       WIC
·       Post Bulletin’s CovidHelp (a list of organizations and restaurants providing free meals and food)
·       Channel One Food Shelf (how and where to access food items)

2.       RPS will be offering TWO free meal service programs, Pick-up and Grab-and-Go. Below are details on when and how to retrieve meals via the meal program. Meals will be available at ALL the listed locations from 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM, March 23 - March 26. Meals will consist of a cold lunch with breakfast included for the next day. Lunches are intended to be eaten immediately or should be stored in the refrigerator within 2 hours. Please discard any leftovers within three days. Cold foods should be kept cold (milk & cheese < 41 degrees).  (You should have received information on these two programs via Skyward, too.)

Thank you.

Lindy Lange, Licensed School Social Worker, MSW, LGSW
Folwell Elementary (Monday – Thursday)/Hoover Early Learning School (Friday)


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