Saturday, August 15, 2020

Folwell Elementary 2020-2021 School Supply List

 It has come to our attention that the links on the websites are not working for the Folwell School Supply list.  We are working on getting that fixed! 

In the mean time, here it is for your convenience!  

  • Please label lunch boxes, coats, sweatshirts, etc…with your child’s name.


2 LARGE glue sticks

3 boxes of 24 regular crayons

1 box of thick washable markers

1 box of thin washable markers

1 box of 12 colored pencils

1 pack of dry erase markers (thin black)

1 Blunt Scissors

1 Pencil Box

12 - #2 sharpened solid yellow pencils

Wish List: tissues, resealable plastic bags (gallon size), community snacks, ream of paper


2 boxes 64 crayons

2 -4 count packs dry erase markers-wide tip - black

36 sharpened pencils

1 purple plastic folder 

1 composition journal

2 boxes tissues

1 pair of scissors

6 glue sticks

1 - 8 ½ x 5 ½ plastic closeable storage box/pencil box

2 - anti -bacterial wipes

Headphones/earbuds in a resealable plastic bag (please label)

*****Please put supplies in a bag with your child's name on it

Wish list: copy paper, resealable plastic bags gallon or sandwich size 


36 yellow sharpened pencils 

4 plastic folders (blue, green, red, yellow) 

1 thin black dry erase markers 

1 large pink eraser

2 fine tip black markers  

1 box crayons 

1 box thin or thick markers 

1 bottle white glue 

4 glue sticks 


2 boxes of tissues

Small headphones in a resealable plastic bag (please label) (Try to avoid earbuds, they get very tangled.)

Wish List: resealable quart or gallon size bags, reams of paper, cleaning wipes



48 sharpened yellow pencils - #2 

2 thin dry erase markers 

24 or 48 Crayons 

1 package of thick markers

1 package of thin markers

1 package of colored pencils 

2 composition notebooks wide ruled NOT spiral bound- 2 different colors 

2 two-pocket folders (red and green)

1 pair scissors 

4 glue sticks (standard size)

2 boxes of tissues

1 package of sticky notes

Small headphones or earbuds in a resealable plastic bag (please label)

slider plastic storage quart or gallon size

Wish List: ream of paper, cleaning wipes, extra tissue boxes


4- 2 pocket plastic folders 1 wide lined notebook

3 wide lined composition notebooks

1 Package of 3” sticky -notes

24 sharpened #2 pencils

12 in ruler (inches and centimeters)

Colored pencils sharpened

2 glue sticks

2 pink erasers

4-5 black dry erase markers


Small headphones or earbuds in a resealable plastic bag (please label)

Wish List: tissues, reams of paper, resealable plastic sandwich size bags,


3 pkg yellow #2 pencils SHARPENED

3 wide-lined spiral one-subject notebooks (1 red, 1 blue and 1 green)

3 two-pocket folders (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green)


Colored pencils

6 Dry erase markers (thin/black)

1 package of markers

1 pencil box/bag

1 large glue stick

2 packages of sticky- notes 

Headphones/earbuds with a standard headphone jack (NO Bluetooth)

Wish list: tissues, a ream of paper, resealable plastic bags (any size)