Friday, May 28, 2021

Discount Programs for Qualified Families

The following document was prepared by Olmsted County staff and provides information on reduced-fee tickets, admissions, etc. for families who participate in State of Minnesota programs like WIC, MFIP, MA, etc. There are links in the flyer that will take you to more detailed information. If you have questions about RPS and/or community resources, please reach out to Folwell's school counselor (Stephanie Evans Hanson) or school social worker (Lindy Lange), at 328-3219.


RentHelpMN applications - open now!

RentHelpMN is open for applications. Details on the flyer below. Additional information on the website listed on the flyer. If you have follow-up questions on this or other RPS/community resources, please reach out to Folwell's school counselor (Stephanie Evans Hanson) or school social worker (Lindy Lange) at 328-3219. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Channel One - Free Grocery Delivery

If your family is unable to get to the food shelf, call 328-2822 to talk about their free grocery delivery. Yes! This program runs during the summer months, too! If you have follow-up questions about this or other RPS/community resources, please reach out to Follwell's school social worker, Lindy Lange/328-3219 or Folwell's school counselor, Stephanie Evans Hanson/328-3316.


Friday, May 14, 2021

Minnesota Energy Assistance Program - Application Available

If you have questions about these or other RPS/community resources, please reach out to Folwell's school counselor (Stephanie Evans Hanson) or school social worker (Lindy Lange) at 328-3220.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Classroom Placement 2021-2022


The placement of students into classrooms is an important process.  It is the belief of the Rochester School District and the Folwell Professional Learning Community that children receive the most benefit from their educational experience within a balanced setting representative of the greater community in which they live.  Placement teams, consisting of classroom teachers, support staff, and administrators, make placements that will maximize the intellectual, psychological and social development of each child and of classroom groups.

We believe our professional staff members are most familiar with each child in the classroom setting and are in the best position to recommend individual student/teacher placements. By using the following practices, Folwell staff seek to consider individual needs of the student, provide balanced classrooms, and insure all our children are being given equal consideration in the placement process.

A placement team, considers each child’s educational needs, as well as psychological and social needs.  The number of children, such as boys and girls by teacher, as well as the representation of total community in each class are considered when building class communities.   The team will make a recommendation as to the placement of each child, within a given grade level, for the subsequent school year.  The placement teams will consist of the sending and receiving classroom teachers and may include administration and other professional staff. ‘

If you feel there are specific individual needs and would like this information taken into consideration when making classroom placements,  please contact the office manager to request a meeting with Wendy J. Moritz. 

Placement of your child will be done through a caring and professional process and shared next fall.

Thank you! 

Monday, May 3, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week


Teacher Appreciation Week - celebrating our INCREDIBLE educators and their dedication to our Folwell Community!

 Students can watch for ways to share their gratitude at school and families can participate on Facebook each day!

 As we recognize our Folwell staff during the 20-21 Teacher Appreciate Week, we thank them for their efforts and optimism through all of the different learning models and changes that we have experienced during this unique school year!

 Debasish Mridha, physician and author, writes, “An optimist sees rainbows when there is rain.”

 Let’s express our gratitude as we shine the rainbow back at our staff in appreciation.