Monday, March 24, 2014

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Dear Falcons,
Fifth Grade sincerely appreciated your presence at our basketball game!

The proceeds from the basketball game are going to the first overnight trip for many of us! This trip is to Eagle Bluff Learning Center come year’s end, and we’re eternally grateful for the money raised at the game for the trip. We had nearly 500 people in attendance. With the ticket proceeds alone, we raised over a thousand dollars. (Combined with Scrip orders and the used book sale, we raised over $50 per student!)

I, along with over 60 other 5th graders, am looking forward to a trip to the nature center with the no food waste challenge, various activities such as a night hike and frog catching, and especially the ropes course.  This is all in thanks to you Falcons who attended our 5th grade vs. Staff basketball game!

Your presence at our intense game was greatly appreciated, since your encouraging words and signs cheered us on in times where the staff withheld the ball, and urged us to start up chants encouraging those on the court to play hard. Whenever we were dripping perspiration or losing hope of winning, all we had to do was look at our faithful adult and younger Falcons to regain hope!

We thank you all for your presence, Falcons, and hope for the best for next year’s basketball game! I wonder if Staff will win for once…

                                                                             Amy (Folwell 5th Grader)

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