Friday, April 11, 2014

Construction Update

Some of you may have noticed that construction has already started putting up fencing around the work area at Folwell. This means the parking lot will no longer be available for staff starting Monday. Folwell staff will be parking north of 6th St. Due to the possible impact of reduced parking options during construction, I have been working with the Rochester Police Department and they have agreed to provide traffic patrol assistance during pick-up time after school from 3:15-3:50. We are grateful for their assistance.

The bike rack will be relocated during construction to an area by door 6 on the corner. Included in the construction, the district will be adding a concrete pad back in its original location in which to house the racks in the fall.

During the day, if you are stopping into the office and will only be visiting the building for a few minutes then feel free to continue parking in front of Folwell on the 15th Ave. by door 1. Subs, volunteers and specialist teachers serving multiple schools will be parking along 7th St. All staff will have some form of identify on their dashboard that will alert the Rochester Police as to their ability to park in these specific locations.

Traffic could be a little more stressful during this time so please be patient and drive defensively so safety of everyone is not compromised. If you are going to have friends or relatives who may occasionally be picking up your children after school then we ask that you share this information with them. We continue to ask that nobody parks or attempts to drive on the northbound lane of 6th St. while other vehicles are attempting to leave, as well as, pull up to the curb to pick up children.

Once you see the lights of the bus flashing then please allow it to enter the flow of traffic so students can be dropped off at their locations at the already determined drop times.
SACC students and parents will also need to access the building each morning and afternoon through door 1 by the office. Look for an email from Mark Ponto with more specific information regarding SACC.

Any questions or concerns in the near future can be sent to Todd Kieffer, Folwell Principal, via email at

Thank you everyone and have a great weekend.

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