Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Running Club Update

We finally had a full week of running club.  I am so impressed with the number of serious runners we have out there.  Some students are logging 2-3 miles every morning and are such an encouragement and inspiration to their fellow classmates. 

Just a reminder the Med city Kids Marathon is coming up on May 24th @11:00 am.    Paper and online registration is due this Friday May 16th.  There will be a one day in person registration on May 22 from 4-7pm at “A  Child’s Kingdom”.  There will be NO registration the day of the event.  
 Please visit http://www.medcitymarathon.com for more details.  

Here are some fun running club totals so far:
Students participating in Running Club have logged 1221 miles. 

Mrs. Carlson’s Kindergarten classes = 29 miles
Mrs. Nelson’s Kindergarten class = 74 miles
Mrs. Lewis 1st grade class = 95 miles
Mrs. Kohlmeyer’s 1st grade class = 95 miles
Mrs. Strain’s 1st grade class = 111 miles
Mrs. Mueller’s 2nd grade class = 117 miles
Mrs. Schulte’s 2nd grade class = 89 miles
Mrs. Fix’s 3rd grade class = 118 miles
Mrs. Lanza’s 3rd grade class = 115 miles
Mrs. Larson’s 4th grade class = 112 miles
Mrs. LeVan’s 4th grade class = 52 miles
Mr. Olson’s 5th grade class = 102 miles
Mrs. Nelson’s 5th grade class = 127 miles

There are volunteer spots available this week, especially needed on Wednesday.  Please consider sticking around and helping out.  

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing all my running club friends in the morning!
Sarah Lichty

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