Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Running Club

2014 Fall Running Club

Running Club begins Monday, September 8th and runs until Friday October 10th.

We meet everyday before school on the playground at 8:45 until first bell.   In the event the playground is too wet or muddy, we do run around the block across from Folwell meeting on the corner of 7th St. and 15th Ave.   There will be no running club in the event of inclement weather. 

Running Club is a FREE event sponsored by the PTSA.  Students run or walk laps around the playground (6 laps = 1 mile).  The goal is to teach students to set goals and to improve fitness.  Teachers report that those students who participate in running club come to class ready to learn.

Everyone is welcome. You can show up once or as many times as you like. At the end of each week there will be a drawing for those students who have attended all 5 days of the week.   We will not keep track of laps.  This is for fun or you can use this time to prepare for the Kevin Langlie Memorial One Mile Fun Run on October 7th at Century High School (informational flyer will be forthcoming).

Remember to wear running shoes.  No open toed shoes will be allowed.  Also, do not drop your children off in the parking lot unless accompanied to the playground by an adult.   Students should enter the playground via the gate on the 6th street side.

All students must have a parent’s signature to participate.  ORANGE registration forms went home in the folders on Meet the Teacher Night.  Extra forms can be found in the cabinet in front of the main office.   Please return forms by Friday September 5th.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED.  Please sign up via Volunteer Spot by clicking here.

Please contact Sarah Lichty ( if you have any questions.  

Traffic Flow

  • Each year we need to take some time to explain flow of traffic before and after school. If you will be providing transportation to Folwell for your children then we ask that you follow these expectations to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • Students are only to be dropped off on the southbound side of 15th Ave. in front of Folwell. This street becomes very busy and we do not want any child trying to cross the street before or after school.
  • It is also important that once your child has been dropped off that you continue to drive on and free up space for vehicles coming behind you. We have had problems with cars waiting to turn onto 15th Ave. to Folwell and then stopping traffic at the corner of 6th St and 15th Ave. This is also a very busy intersection before and after school.
  • We ask that no vehicles drive on the northbound side of 15th Ave. so that we allow maximum room for traffic to continue flowing. We also ask that you pull up as far as you can to drop off your children on the southbound side of 15th Ave. This, too, will help alleviate congestion immensely.
  • Both before and after school we ask that all cars use 7th St to 14th Ave. when departing from Folwell.