Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Sale Update!

By popular request, the Folwell Used Book Sale will open during Friday’s Wellness Night!  

We invite you to stop by and find some great bargains on gently used books and DVDs!  Books are $1, with some high-quality specialty items ranging from $2 - $5. Nothing is priced over $5. Of course, since it’s a Folwell fundraiser, shoppers are always welcome to make a donation!

Throughout next week, students will have an opportunity to purchase books before and after school and during lunch. If students are interested in purchasing books on their own, it might be helpful to send just a moderate amount of money in a baggie labeled with the child’s name. Shopping at the Used Book Sale is an ideal, low-risk opportunity in which children can practice shopping independently.

We will also be grateful for continued donations of books. If you are ready to clean off your bookshelves, feel free to send in books for readers of all ages!

Thanks so much for supporting this Folwell fundraiser!

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