Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Learning Garden Update

We've been on vacation for the last few weeks. I hope to get out to the Learning Garden sometime this weekend and pulls some weeds. I'm delighted that every week, except the last, Aug 29-Sept 4 has a volunteer family committed to water; whoever no one has volunteer to weed. It could be that folks didn't realize there's a second tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Do you think we should send another note to families? I'm assuming it's full as weeds but haven't actually looked. Maybe something like:
The summer is well underway the Folwell Learning Garden Committee hopes you've had a chance to check out the growth at the garden. We're very thankful for the many dedicated families that have volunteered to water this summer. There's only one watering week left, the last week of summer: Aug 29-Sept 4. 
Bummed you missed the chance to help in the garden? I'm delighted to be able to offer many weeding opportunities. Maybe folks didn't notice there's a second tab on the Learning Garden schedule for Weed and there are lots of open weeks (although honestly anyone's welcome to go weed anytime). 
I've learned some folks worry they may be pulling the "good" plants when they weed. Have no fear weeding is pretty simple, in the mulched area around the 7 raised beds anything green (except the border on the northwest side) is a weed. Weeds can be piled next to the wall in the southeast corner of the Learning Garden near the hose.
Thanks for your continued help and support of this garden and remember all helpers are encouraged to harvest and enjoy the fruits and veggies that are ripe - it's the perk of volunteering!
Thanks everyone,
Angie Gupta and the Folwell Learning Garden Committee

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Unknown said...

I signed up to weed this weekend.