Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Your friendly neighborhood PE teacher here.  Fit is a word that can sometimes carry some pretty intimidating notions.  The image of being fit is portrayed in some very different and sometimes distorted ways in the media and other very visible platforms.  This year at Folwell, I’d like to start a change in how our students view physical activity.  I believe that being fit is much more of mental state of well-being that benefits not just our lives, but the lives of those that we care about the most, our Family.


That being said, I’d like to start a monthly challenge to our Folwell community.  Let’s call it #FITwithFAMILY.  Each month, in an effort to inspire our students to get up and get active, I will post a challenge to our entire Folwell Family.  Each challenge will highlight an activity that any family can do with their loved ones, for free! I will highlight these challenges here at school with a tracker posted in the gym keeping an eye on the progress towards reaching our goal!  What better way to inspire our students to be active and healthy than enjoying it with our family!


What do you have to do?  Easy, get up and get moving with your family!  You can track your #FITwithFAMILY activity by sending me an email or picture or having your child tell me at school!  All things count!   


The theme for October will be Walking!  Set a family goal!  How far can you go!?!


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