Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Walk to School Day!

Join us in walking, biking or scooting to school on Wednesday, October 5, for "Walk to School Day." Local celebrities, students and parents will join us on this special day!

There were 97 students who walked, biked or scooted to school on Friday, September 30.  31 students rode the bus.  184 students got a ride.  

On Monday, there were 110 students who walked, biked or scooted to school!  There were 33 on the bus and 214 got a ride to school!

Folwell is unique in that two-thirds of our students live in the walk boundary.  Would it work for your family to walk, bike and scoot to and from school, in lieu of driving?

This WALK TO SCHOOL DAY event can help us continue to raise awareness for family fitness and safe routes to school for our students! 

Folwell Elementary  - where changes have been made to create a pedestrian zone in front of the school and city council supported traffic flow and parking changes to facilitate safer walking and biking to school.

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