Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Interested in a parenting class? Love & Logic’s Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun is held once a month at Bluestem Center, 124 Elton Hills Lane, N.W. Cost is $40/individual or $60/couple. If paying the entire class fee is not in your family’s budget, register anyway ( and pay what you can afford – no questions asked.  Below is a list of the classes. Sign up for one or all. Contact Lindy Lange, Folwell School Social Worker, 328-3243 with questions.
·         Jan. 12, Handling Misbehavior Without Breaking a Sweat:: Create the foundation to set firm limits in really loving ways 
·         Feb. 9, Teaching Kids to Listen…the First Time: Set limits without anger, lectures, threats, bribes, warnings 
·         March 9. Avoiding Power Struggles: End power struggles and get more control by giving some away 
·         April 13, Limits Create Happier Parents, Happier Kids, and Happier Families: Set limits and end battles to create cooperation rather than chaos 
·         May 11, What to Do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless: Delay consequences when kids drain your energy
Lindy Lange, School Social Worker
Folwell Elementary

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