Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chaperoning Field Trips and Volunteering at Folwell

Volunteering at Folwell Elementary School

At Folwell School, we have an outstanding staff, great kids and parents, and MANY opportunities to get involved as often as you would like!


All Rochester Public Schools volunteers must complete the online Volunteers in Education (ViE) application prior to volunteering.  This application can be found on the Rochester Public Schools ViE website:


Here, you can register for both classroom and field trip volunteering. (If you click on Field Trip, you will automatically be saved as a site/classroom volunteer as well.)  Site volunteers do not need to reapply once they are entered into the system.  Field trip volunteers will need to reapply every 3 school years.  Once you receive notification of your approval, you may start to sign up for volunteer opportunities.


To sign up for a volunteer opportunity, please visit the Folwell blog site (, and find the “Click to Volunteer!” tab on the upper bar.  You will be directed to all available Folwell volunteer opportunities, and can sign up for as much as you would like.

Classroom volunteer requests and field trip chaperone needs will be initiated by your child’s teacher.  Some teachers start using volunteers during the first week of school; some wait until October or November, and some only occasionally request volunteers-- every teacher is different.


Upcoming volunteer opportunities are sent via the Folwell Blog.  Blog posts are available on the main page of the Folwell blog website (

To follow the Folwell blog and receive updates by email,  you can sign up on the Folwell Blog site (

Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns!

Esther Krych

Folwell Volunteers in Education Coordinator

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