Saturday, September 30, 2017

Long-range facility committee and building capacity

At a recent school board meeting, an update was provided by the long-range facility planning committee.  This school board committee is comprised of three school board members, two cabinet members, and the Superintendent. They have been reviewing the capacity of our facilities, enrollment growth, and the impact of both to our district. Four years ago, the district studied our boundaries and the projected growth of our city through the use of a consultant. We knew we would be facing higher enrollments and capacity concerns within a window of four to five years.

Capacity for our district is based on the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) guidelines of students per square foot of space. We have learned that according to the MDE Formula, Folwell is one of those schools. 

The Post-Bulletin was interested in the committee update that was provide in early September 2017, and they will be publishing a story this weekend on this topic. A photographer visited our school on Friday.  As a District, we think this will be the start of a bigger conversation in which we will be engaging our community, parents, students, and staff.  RPS is very early in our research of building capacity and we look forward to working more in depth with the long-range planning committee after the district receives the October 2, 2017 enrollment counts. 

At Folwell, we’ll continue to follow our mantra of “Together We Will” to collaborate and be intentional and purposeful in the uses of space in our building. 

Please continue to watch the blog for important information and updates on this topic and others. 

Information provided by Heather Nessler, Executive Director of Communications, Marketing and Technology
Revisions by Wendy J. Moritz, Principal 

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