Wednesday, September 13, 2017

PTSA Running Club!!

PTSA Running club reminders!

Running club is off to a great start! We have more than one hundred children running so far! Here are a few reminders to parents and children:

1. Please ensure you have submitted your permission slip.
2. Kids may run or walk!
3. Cones or parent volunteers direct children in a loop around the playground.
4. Let's remind our kids (and ourselves!) not to play on the playground equipment during running club. After all, it is running club! 
5. At the end of running club, kindergarten children line up in one location and are escorted into the building by 5th graders to ensure that they reach their classrooms safely.
6. Kids, remember to put your cards in the basket at the end of each running session for the daily raffle draw!

We look forward to seeing kids (and any parents who wish to help out) in the mornings!

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