Sunday, November 26, 2017

As we celebrated our students with Identity Day and enjoyed a Thanksgiving vacation, I reflected on what a wonderful community we are a part of!

I am so thankful for our students!  Each student created something using a little part of their heart and soul!  They did amazing work!  Our students are creative, joyful and their possibilities are endless!  They work so hard to show kindness and grit!  Their talents and their passions are a beautiful part of our school every day and their efforts on their Identity Day showcase items were phenomenal!

I am so thankful for our families!  At home they are supporting their children!  They talk about S.O.A.R., they read books together, they bring them places and add experiences to their lives.  They volunteer at our school and attend our events.  Our families provide support for our activities through volunteering and donating.  The recent “Give to the Max” fundraiser is a huge celebration and we are so appreciative!  THANK YOU! The partnership and cooperation we feel with our families is very special!

I am so thankful for our staff!  Staff work together to share ideas, encourage one another and lift each other up when there are challenges. There are so many things that happen every day as we build connections with students and ask questions to take their learning deeper than simply rote memorization. This takes talent, effort, commitment and empathy on the part of each and every staff member.  The risks they take in providing engaging instructions for our students are admirable!

Thank you to each and every one of you for the positive energy and commitment that you bring to our wonderful Folwell Elementary Community! 

Together We Will! 

Wendy J. Moritz

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