Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Dismissal 2/26/19 - Caution with "load and go"

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Hello, Folwell Falcon Families!
We are working collaboratively with our families, the City of Rochester, and the RPS Department of Health and Safety to improve the conditions in “load and go.” Early tomorrow morning we will attempt to haul snow away, clearing out pathways for students to load more safely. 

Unfortunately, this afternoon, we anticipate a long line that will move slowly.  We ask that you remain patient and help us all work together to keep our students and families safe.

As a reminder:
*For “load and go” drivers, queue up by entering 10th Avenue, heading south.  Turn towards the east to head towards Folwell on 7th Street, staying in line with the other vehicles.  After you pick your student up, turn left and go south on 15th Avenue, all the way through the one way, coming out near the Apache Mall.  There is not adequate space for u-turns, nor to proceed back up the hill between 14th Avenue and 15th Avenue to access that intersection. 

*Also, as a reminder, we ask that families do not pick up on the corner of 15th Avenue and 6th street, as that intersection is already busy and the street is narrow as a result of the snow. 

*Only day care vans, buses, school vans and families with pre-approved circumstances are permitted to drive in front of the school, on 15th Avenue. 

We realize this is less than ideal and assure that we are working on a solution. We ask for your cooperation and patience in the spirit of safety for this afternoon’s dismissal.

Wendy J. Moritz
Folwell Elementary School

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