Thursday, October 10, 2019

Folwell Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Has your child lost a glove? A hat? A lunchbox? Their coat, boots or shoes? This is but a sample of what is currently in the school's Lost and Found.
Items that are left and found on campus are placed in the lost and found located near the music/art room.
The school receptionist keeps smaller items, such as money or jewelry.
If a lost item has a name on it, it will be returned to the child's classroom.
Please label your child's belongings -- it's the best way to be sure it gets returned quickly.
If your child has lost something this year, please have them check the bin soon.
Lost and Found items are removed and donated to local organizations at the end of each trimester.

**Here is a photo of our Lost and Found that you can present to your children so they know what it looks like**

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