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Folwell Playground Plan Update

Folwell Playground Plan Update
November 2019


Spring/Summer 2018: The district approached the PTSA to let us know that
Playground Equipment on play area “A” was failing and no longer a candidate for repair due to age and parts. Ultimately the equipment would be removed. At the start of the 2018-19 school year the PTSA, District and School started the process to plan for new equipment.

Fall 2018/Winter 2019: The PTSA met with 4 district approved vendors to draft quotes for a playground plan during the 2018-2019 school year. As a PTSA, we did not have all of the information needed (actual costs, information and timeline) to properly account for the impact of
the playground on the 2018-2019 budget. We listed an estimated cost at $40,000. After meetings with vendors it was clear that the budget of $40,000 was unrealistic and we were notable to get any quotes at or near that amount. The actual cost to parents is estimated at closer
to $65,000, that being the lower end of quotes. After many PTSA meetings with parents,
Principal Moritz, RPS partners and vendors the PTSA had selected a plan. We felt the plan fit
the needs of Folwell students and fit in best with our financial capabilities. Unfortunately, we
were unable to raise the funds needed in such a short time span but presented the plan during
Spring PTSA meetings to parents anticipating a 2020 Summer install.

Summer 2019: Play equipment from play area A was removed due to a fallen tree! Damage
was accessed and the insurance amount for the damaged equipment would be $26,000. The
PTSA Committee met with Principal Moritz and District officials and it was determined by all
parties that a Fall 2019 install would not be possible due to the short window of opportunity to
deliver and install equipment prior to the temperature dropping below the benchmark needed for
the fall protection. As a result, we are still looking at a 2020 Summer install. Additional play
equipment remains on play area A, however that equipment will also be replaced as part of the
new plan.

Financial Overview
Playground plans are typically paid for with a combination of District Funds (limited cap), PTSA
funds and site funds when available. Below is a breakdown of how the Folwell Playground will
be funded.

  • District Funds: $20,000 towards equipment
  • District Funds: $12 per square foot of fall protection ( fall protection typically costs $18-$20 per square foot)
  • Insurance Reimbursement: $26,000

*PTSA Funds: $30,000 for both equipment and the remainder of the fall protection cost.

2019 Update

The PTSA and playground committee has learned that the vendor selected is no longer on the
approved list of vendors for the RPS district. We will reach out to vendors we worked with last
year, as well as any new vendors added to the list to solidify a new plan. Our goal is to have a
quote locked in by January 2020. This would give us enough time to order the equipment and
still look towards a Summer 2020 install.

*This number reflects PTSA funds already raised for the playground. If additional funds, over
our budget needs, can be raised then the PTSA will be able to cover any additional funds that
may be needed depending on new quotes or add additional equipment to our existing plan.
Additional funds may be needed depending on a new quote.

Other Key Notes
The new equipment will be great for all students, including our younger students! We realize the
equipment removed was most used by our youngest students. Additionally, the existing
equipment left on that Play Area A will also be replaced. The new equipment will provide all
students a fun and safe space to play.

The new equipment will be installed adjacent to the blacktop area and connecting to Play Area
B (tiled playground area), making the Folwell playground handicap accessible and ADA
Estimated Timeline
● November 2019 – PTSA Playground Committee will meet with vendors to establish new
● December 2019 – Update will be provided to the PTSA board, possible info presented
at any December PTSA meeting.
● January 2020 – Narrowed down plans can be presented to the PTSA at the January
meeting, with voting done to approve a final plan at either a January or February PTSA
● March 2020 – Equipment will be ordered for a Summer install.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project, want to join the playground committee or would simply like to ask a question, please email us at

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