Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education
Where have all the box tops gone? Remember when cereal, and Chex Mix and Annie's Mac and Cheese had little rectangles you had to cut out in order to earn cash for Folwell? Those are disappearing. . .and with them, dollars for Folwell. That is, unless. . .  we get more people using the Box Tops App and scanning their grocery receipts. We could even earn MORE money this way because of bonuses companies offer through the app. For example, last week Chec Mix was on sale at HyVee 10/$10. For every 2 bags you purchased on a receipt (and scanned on the app) Folwell would get 50 cents! When you sign up for the app you can also designate where your funds go.

Traditional "clip and submit" boxtops continue to come in. Watch your child's Thursday folder for a sheet to collect the box tops on--as well as info on how to use the app. This year Mrs. Coffing's class has brought in more box tops than any one else. Mrs. Lanza had more in December-January and Mrs. Huddleston had more in November. A popcorn party will arrive in those classrooms soon.

On March 16 I'll check online to see which classroom has the most online submissions. On St Patrick's Day, they will get a pot of gold!

All funds from Box Tops help support our 5th grade trip to Eagle Bluff. Let's all work together to raise some funds!

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