Friday, February 26, 2021

Load & Go - Arrival and Dismissal Traffic Pattern


Folwell Elementary School continues to collaborate with Rochester Police Department, Rochester City Traffic Engineers, Olmsted Public Health, Rochester Public Schools Department of Health and Safety, Neighborhood Associations and Rochester Public Schools Transportation Department regarding our traffic plan and safe routes to school. 

As we pivot to the “All In-Person Learning Plan,” PLEASE review the Folwell Traffic Plan if you plan on dropping off students during arrival, or picking them up for dismissal.  

Instead of queuing on 14th Avenue, heading south, that families enter the traffic pattern on 12th Avenue.  Then, queue on 7th Street, heading west, towards the school.  PLEASE BE MINDFUL NOT TO BLOCK DRIVEWAYS, as per request of our Folwell neighbors. 

If you want to park and walk to school, you may park on 7th Street, on the east bound side of the street. 

Cars on 7th street, between 12th Avenue and 15th Avenue are in the queue for "load and go" and drivers must remain in the vehicles.  Students remain near the corner of 15th Avenue with adult supervision.  A crossing guard is assisting at the four way stop at 14th Avenue and 7th Street. 


A reminder that for safety, we ask that you do NOT drop students off on the corner of 15th Avenue and 6th Street and we request that you do not pick them up there, either. 


A reminder that for safety, we ask that you do not park headed the opposite direction of traffic.  If you feel the need to park and walk to school, consider the legal parking areas north of the intersection at 14th Ave and 7th Street.  There is parking available and you can walk one block west to meet students at school.  


Here is a link to the FO Traffic Plan video: 

A Folwell Elementary Mantra is "Together We Will."  We can do a lot of great things when we all work together - let's keep our students and families safe during arrival and dismissal!

Thank you!

Wendy J. Moritz

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