Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Second Step Update


Hello Folwell Families and Students!

Our Second Step curriculum is still going strong as we enter our last trimester of the school year. Over the last 5-6 weeks we have been building our emotion management skills. When children have strong feelings, like worry or anger, it is hard for them to focus attention and learn. Your student has learned that feeling strong feelings is normal, but they have the power to manage those feelings with different ways to calm down such as belly breathing, using positive self-talk, and counting. Your child is also learning that it helps to talk to a trusted grown-up.

Starting the week of March 8th we will resume Second Step weekly lessons entering into our final unit, Problem Solving. Students who can solve problems get along better with others, are less aggressive, and have fewer conflicts. Sometimes the very first step to solving a problem is to re-visit ways to calm down, so students are thinking clearly and are able to make better choices. The steps that students will learn to solve problems are:

Say the Problem (without blame)

Think of Solutions (that are safe and respectful)

Explore Consequences (what could happen if…)

Pick the Best Solution (make a plan)

I will continue to pre-record the Second Step lessons for all classrooms until we finish the curriculum. However, for the classrooms that will be in-person, classroom teachers will facilitate more of the discussion, skills practice, and reinforcing activities throughout the week.


Stephanie Evans Hanson, School Counselor

Folwell: Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, Fridays


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